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Waters Europe Training: Cloud: Migration, Data and Security

1 July, London


The training course will give you a deep dive into the practical skills needed to effectively work in the cloud.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss the different approaches to migration
  • Learn how to secure applications when no longer on a server
  • Prepare your system to be secure and meet regulations
  • Build a culture of trust in the cloud with enhanced expertise
  • Understand risks and problems that can occur during and after making the transition to the cloud, and avoid those costly mistakes
  • Address the need for new skill sets in the cloud and how the skill gap can be overcome


Who should attend

Any senior member of staff making strategic decisions on the Cloud.

CTO’s, CIO’s, CAO’s, CCO’s, COO’s / Global and Regional Heads of / Senior VP/Exec/Director/Managers of:

  • Compliance / Regulation /
  • Reg Tech
  • Analytics / AI 
  • Machine learning
  • Technology / Digital
  • Innovation / Technology architect 
  • Electronic Trading / Algorithmic - Quantitative Trading
  • eTrading / Quantitative Trading Strategy
  • FinTech / IT 
  • Cloud / Data science
  • Market Structure / Electronic Execution
  • Market Data Services / Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
5 common mistakes when making the transition to the cloud
  • The correct instances to lift and shift vs Hands on architecting
  • Ensure your firms’ data is private and they’re honouring the different regulations around data residency
  • Lacking a clear cost governance and creating a migration bubble
  • Falling out of touch with the newest updates on multi cloud systems
  • Finding the balancing act of commercial considerations, legal considerations and technical capabilities




  • Single vs multivendor strategies
  • Finding the right talent, bringing in experts
  • Cloud migration strategies that can reduce infrastructure costs
  • Lifting and shifting vs Hands on architecting 
  • Commercial considerations, legal considerations and technical capabilities
  • Cloud models (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS)


Morning Break and Refreshments




Cloud security and regulation

  • Layering your own security over public cloud security
  • Working with Fintech’s and the cloud
  • Third party DD for cloud 
  • Cloud outages and cybersecurity incidents
  • Developing flexible software to suit different regulatory requirements 
  • Shared responsibility model


Networking Lunch


Data handling for the cloud

  • Data Residency
  • Data regulations and the cloud
  • Data migration 
  • AI and the Cloud
  • Data processing in the Cloud


Risks and pitfalls of working in the cloud

  • How do you build in an efficient governance layer to prevent cloud sprawl?
  • Doing the cloud wrong?
  • Outages risks
  • Focusing tech talent on solving core business problems
  • Proof of concepts


Afternoon break


Working in the cloud, what new skills are needed?

  • Migration project management
  • Working with service providers to overcome the skill gap
  • Measuring Cloud usage and spend
  • Cost saving strategies
  • Optimizing cloud spend as costs grow
  • Using cloud to close the “innovation-execution” gap


End of masterclass

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Complimentary registration is reserved exclusively for end-users from organizations including: banks, investment managers, pension funds, hedge funds, asset managers, mutual funds, wealth managers, insurance companies and family offices.

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