WatersTechnology Innovation Exchange

This coming September we are launching a global virtual event to connect over 800 global decision-makers, innovators, subject-matter experts and movers & shakers to discuss the future of data & technology in capital markets.

Technology & Transformation Spotlight - March 23-25

Emerging tech trends, financial innovations and tech adoption strategies


Data Insights Spotlight - May 18-20

Data Governance, improving investment decisions and unlocking the value of analytics


Business Strategy & Leadership Spotlight - September 18-20

Operational resilience, maximising investment on technology platforms, risk, regulation and compliance


Our first virtual event gathered on September 9-22 and connected decision-makers, experts, practitioners, and industry mavericks from across the globe. The 2020 digital gateway to innovation in data, technology, and compliance within capital markets. 

The event turned the spotlight on 3 overarching themes Technology & Transformation, Data Insights and Business Strategy & Leadership. The themes had been developed after close consultation with over 100 international industry experts and the agenda was endorsed by our Global Advisory Board and the WatersTechnology editorial team. This event ensured you stayed at the leading edge of market developments within capital markets.