07.45 - 08.50 Women in Technology and Data Pre-Conference Session: Guest List Only

Waters Technology, Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data are committed to promoting diversity, equality and encouraging change within the financial industry. Over the past few years it has become apparent that women still make up significantly less than half of senior positions within the data and technology divisions, and that attracting female talent to these functional areas is a challenge.

Join us for this exclusive session to expand your industry network, hear from senior female industry figures and promote female leadership for an equal future.

Host and moderator: Dr Ginny. A. Baro, CEO and Founder of FEARLESS WOMEN @WORK

Confirmed Contributors: Nicole Wadlinger, PMP, VP, U.S. OCDO Head of Data Governance, Communication and Knowledge Transfer & Data Management Program Lead,
Ellen Gentile, Vice President, Data Steward, Data Quality Manager, SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION
Colleen Coda, Managing Director, THE BLACKSTONE GROUP
Alla Whitston, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, BANK OF AMERICA
Ruth MacQuiddy, Technology Strategist, Deutsche Bank Labs, Strategy & Innovation, DEUTSCHE BANK INNOVATION LABS
Terry L Keebaugh, Business Development Executive, Banking and Financial Services, TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED

08.25 General Registration, refreshments and networking in the partner hub:

Join us for bottomless tea, coffee and continental refreshments before the conference begins - meet our vendor partners, and network with industry leaders to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Recharge Work Zone and SliDo Wall (ongoing throughout the day)

Throughout the day you can take a seat in the recharge zone where work stations will be provided.

Check your emails or take a break from the main conference while charging your devices and staying tuned-in to the sessions around you - plasma screens will show the SliDo poll results and questions coming in from the audience in the room.

08.55 Welcome remarks and industry overview : Victor Anderson, Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

"A celebration of 20 years of Waters USA"

• Opening comments
• Industry insights
• Words of wisdom from the esteemed Advisory Board (content generated during Advisory Board lunch in July 17)
• Explanation of new event formats for 2017

Audience Participation: First SliDo Interactive Poll

StartUp Selections: Overview of startup firms pitching later in the day

09.05 Advisory Board Keynote Panel: Drivers for a customer centric, innovative business model

In July 2017 the new Waters USA Advisory Board met to discuss the latest industry challenges and strategies in preparation for the conference. Join us for this invaluable session to hear how a customer-centric organization is key to success, how data is your most valuable asset and how FinTech should be seen as the greatest opportunity of the age!

Themes for discussion will include:

  • Data
  • FinTech
  • Regulation
  • Build vs. Buy
  • Talent
  • Current market, economic and political outlook

Moderator: William Murphy, SMD, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Blackstone Innovations and Infrastructure, BLACKSTONE
Nicole Wadlinger
, PMP, VP, U.S. OCDO Head of Data Governance, Communication and Knowledge Transfer & Data Management Program Lead,
Matt Joseph, Head of the Jersey City Innovation Centre, BNY MELLON
Alla Whitston, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, BANK OF AMERICA
Victor Tewari, PMP, Senior Technology Officer, CM Institutional & Corp Banking Technology, BMO FINANCIAL GROUP
Ruth MacQuiddy, Technology Strategist, Deutsche Bank Labs, Strategy & Innovation, DEUTSCHE BANK INNOVATION LABS

09.50 NEW for 2017: StartUp Showcase Presentations:

The Waters USA Advisory Board and the Waters editorial team have shortlisted 4 innovative startup's to pitch in front of the audience. All firms have been chosen for showing huge potential and scope for creating waves in the FinTech space - if you want to be at the forefront of new technology and want to stay "in the know", this is the must-attend session of the day!

Vote for the startup that interests you most during the showcase session via our interactive event technology, Sli.Do - the winner will be announced later in the day and will receive a booth space to exhibit at one of our 2018 events!

Hosted by: Victor Anderson, Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

Startup #1: Finbourne Technology:
Presenter: Dermot Shortt, Founder, Director
Investment Management: How to avoid the apocalypse

Startup #2: Deepcurrent:
Presenter: Joel Luxenberg, CEO
Intelligent Data Transformation

Startup #3: Wallaroo Labs
Presenter: Vid Jain, CEO & Founder
Surviving the data storm: data applications that scale automatically and run anywhere

Startup #4: Blockdaemon
Presenter: Konstantin Richter, CEO & Founder
Blockchain nodes-as-a-(shared)-service

10.30 Presentation: Maryse Gordon, Senior Pre-Sales and Business Development Manager, UnaVista, LSEG

10.50 Morning break and opportunity to network


STREAM ONE: Advances in AI, machine learning and innovative technology development

STREAM TWO: The Data dilemma - strategies for streamlining data and managing the regulatory burden


Chairperson's opening remarks

Chairperson's opening remarks


Expert Panel: AI, machine leaning and alternative data sets: "What happens when algorithms are leading the herd?"

Applying AI and analytics technology firm wide to drive and improve and drive customer (and internal) experience is at the forefront of data and tech strategy - but how can you effectively utilize alternative data sets in addition to your existing data feeds? How can AI be implemented seamlessly into the organization and is there scope for cost savings in the long run?

• Harnessing the evolution of AI technology with investment into alternative data sets
• Training the machine to become the differentiating factor - creating unique trading strategies over time
• Identifying new, relevant sources of information or alternative data for competitive advantage
• Products and strategies for integrating machine learning and AI into existing processes
• Should firms be creating platforms internally to enable AI and machine learning?
• Challenges around providing AI technology or platforms with the correct data

Moderator: Takayoshi Wiesner, Executive Director, Global Capital Markets, MORGAN STANLEY
Miquel Noguer Alonso
, Executive Director, UBS & Adjunct Assistant Professor, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY
Michael Dobrovolsky, Ph.D., Executive Director, Machine Learning, AI & Decision Science, MORGAN STANLEY GLOBAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT
Peter Memon, Head of Emerging Technology, SYNECHRON
Frank Zhao, Director, Quantitative Research, S&P GLOBAL MARKET INTELLIGENCE
Hans Robert, CTO for Client Strategy & Transformation at Digitate, TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED

Expert Panel: Assessing firm-wide data strategy, implementing change and looking to the future

Data is the only permanent asset of an organization, so good quality, governance and strategy is a must - but don't let this tie you down. Hear from the thought leaders in financial data strategy and learn how to streamline your data function while optimizing fluidity and consistency around the organization. Is an industry standard for data the answer to the EDM strategy of the future and how is emerging technology changing your business model?

• The challenge of delivering data to the firms' critical capabilities
• Creating a data ecosystem to incorporate all of the data (firm wide) to form a new business model
• How could Start-Ups or vendors help to create solutions to contribute to this?
• Data consistency and lineage - concerns around rationalizing data sets against former systems
• Is there value in industry standards for data or value in moving to a common data model?

Moderator: Rick Aiere, Consultant, AIG
David Saul
, SVP, Chief Scientist, STATE STREET
Julia Bardmesser, Global Head of Data Integration, DEUTSCHE BANK
Wendy L Walasek, Group Chief Data Office, Architecture & Usage/Insight, MRCD, CREDIT SUISSE
Dessa Glasser, Principal, FINANCIAL RISK GROUP
Steve Goldstein, Head of Product Management, Enterprise Content & Delivery, THOMSON REUTERS
Ellen Gentile, Vice President, Data Steward, Data Quality Manager, SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION


Industry Initiatives: Blockchain: A shift from hype to adoption

What's new in the world of blockchain adoption for capital markets and how can distributed ledger technology enhance your trading strategy? Learn from the experts at this must-attend session to hear the tried and tested use cases and to gain insight into integrating blockchain capabilities into your firm.

• Capital markets adoption - are standards for interoperability the trigger for widespread adoption?
• Regulatory concerns - what are the CFTC and the SEC looking into around blockchain?
• Use cases - blockchain for record keeping vs. a means to trade
• Integrating the capabilities of blockchain with the opportunities presented by AI
• What does the future look like for blockchain and the capital markets?

Moderator: Anthony Vigilante, MD, Head of Global Information Technology & Information Security, MACKAY SHIELDS
Victor Tewari, PMP, Senior Technology Officer, CM Institutional & Corp Banking Technology, BMO FINANCIAL GROUP
Mostafa Raddaoui, Vice President, IB&M Technology - Development, Integrated Services for the Americas, MUFG
Igor Telyatnikov, President & Chief Operating Officer, ALPHAPOINT

Data Leaders Networking Tables:

Join a networking table after the "Data Leaders" panel to talk to colleagues and peers about the issues raised during the panel session. Brainstorm new initiatives and talk through your challenges to collaborate effectively and learn new ways of thinking.

• BCBS239

• CDO strategy

• Data Lineage

• Partnering with vendors and start-ups

• Regulatory Concerns

12.40 Lunch break and opportunity to network

(Reserved space for Advisory Board and VIP guests)


Chairman's opening remarks and overview of afternoon sessions: Victor Anderson, Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology


Industry Initiatives: Reg-Tech and advances in cognitive compliance technology

• Using cognitive compliance solutions and effective analysis of unstructured data to address regulatory requirements
• The benefits of reg-tech for surveillance purposes and improvements to KYC and AML efforts
• How can you monitor and measure cognitive solutions to guarantee that your reporting efforts = regulatory compliance?
• Integrating new technologies for numerous reporting requirements - centralizing compliance efforts for multiple existing (and forthcoming) requirements around FRTB, MiFID II and Valuation Adjustments?
• How are our compliance efforts benefiting from AI?
• How will the creation of the International RegTech Association (IRTA) enable collaboration and guidance in this space?

Moderator: Sudhir Kaloth, Director - IT MIS / Regulatory & Compliance, OPPENHEIMER & CO. INC.
Joseph Lodato, MD, Global Head of Compliance Surveillance Technology, GUGGENHEIM PARTNERS
Abel Picardi, MD, Chief Compliance Officer, BANK OF CHINA
Adam J. Reback, Chief Compliance Officer, J. GOLDMAN & CO., L.P.
Gayle Sheppard, VP, INTEL


Exclusive Presentation: Exclusive Presentation: Driving Agility with Cloud Based Regtech Solutions

The Financial Services industry is constantly trying to balance the trade-off between compliance and innovation. Cloud technology provides an alternative to this traditional quid pro quo by establishing an ecosystem of solutions that enables financial institutions to embed greater agility into their Governance, Risk, and Compliance programs without slowing time to market. The session will go deep into the use cases and benefits AWS customers are seeing by their risk applications on the cloud.

Nitin Gupta, Global Head of Financial Services Solutions and Partners, AMAZON WEB SERVICES


Spotlight session: Managing the regulatory burden on a global scale:

There is a huge regulatory disconnect, particularly at a Basel level. The problem is that technologically unsophisticated regulators are making principles-based regulations for technologically complex topics and that doesn't always work. Join this session to hear from the firms and the vendors to help navigate the challenges of increasingly complex regulatory requirements

• How is your firm navigating regulation across different jurisdictional boundaries?
• Managing the technology disconnect between the regulators and the firms
• How might Brexit and other political implications impact your regulatory strategy?
• Extra-territoriality issues around data residence for MiFID II reporting and concerns around trade data and communications surveillance
• The implications of CAT - collaboration between the data, compliance and technology functions for regulatory implementation
• Effectively partnering with vendors to ease the compliance burden

Moderator: Rodion Pryazhentsev, Global Head of Business Management, JP MORGAN CORPORATE BANK
Robin Doyle, Managing Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs, JP MORGAN
Craig Peretz, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, SIERRA GLOBAL MANAGEMENT
Mostafa Raddaoui, Vice President, IB&M Technology - Development, Integrated Services for the Americas, MUFG
Raymond Hanson, Managing Director, Global IT Program Lead for OTC Derivatives Regulatory Reform (Dodd Frank), CREDIT SUISSE


Delegate discussion workshops:

Join a workshop table to delve deeper into the topic of interest to you - talk "off the record" to industry experts and vendor partners to share challenges and strategies and to take part in live, interactive polls

Each of these sessions will be hosted by an industry expert or member of the Waters USA advisory board - we will send out a brief summary/discussion points in advance of the conference and delegates should join a table to share ideas with the group. Drop a business card in the bowl at your table if you would like to share your contact information with the other delegates at the table.

1. FinTech and innovation: Sarah Biller, Co-Founder and Board Member, Fintech Sandbox

2. Learning from consumer technology: Victor Tewari, PMP, Senior Technology Officer, CM Institutional & Corp Banking Technology, BMO FINANCIAL GROUP

3. (Title TBC): Brian Womack, Product Director, Complementary Learning, Intel Saffron, INTEL

4. The ABCs of Natural Language Processing: Frank Zhao, Director, Quantitative Research, S&P GLOBAL MARKET INTELLIGENCE

5. Data Lineage: Julia Bardmesser, Global Head of Data Integration, DEUTSCHE BANK

6. Corporate/Startup Engagement Models: : Eliot Durbin, General Partner, BOLDSTART VENTURES

3.35 Afternoon break and and opportunity to network

Advice sharing and networking table: Attracting top talent and the pathway into technology

Are you just starting out, or are you an experienced professional with a career spanning decades in the world of the financial technologyfunction? Whatever your role, stop by this table to share your experience with others and give advice to the millennial generation.

3.50 StartUp showcase results:

Victor Anderson
, Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

3.55 Keynote Presentation: Is the FinTech Revolution Stifling Our Creativity?

Humans are natural problem solvers; we're constantly looking for creative solutions to the world's toughest challenges. But, as the financial services industry continues to evolve and fintech becomes core to the success of companies, how do we ensure we're fostering that creativity and not stifling it by becoming too reliant on technology? How do we stop trying to put innovation into our companies, and instead get out of the way to let innovation happen? In the era where technology rules, Scott Blandford, Chief Digital Officer at TIAA, discusses how firms will need to shift the way they approach innovation in order to build breakthrough products that meet customers' needs.

Scott Blandford
, Chief Digital Officer, TIAA

4.20 Fireside chat: The opportunities presented by "FinTech"

Hosted by: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, Waters and Waters Technology

Sarah Biller, Co Founder and Board Member, Fintech Sandbox, and Matt Joseph, Head of the Jersey City Innovation Centre, BNY MELLON

4.40 FinTech and Innovation: Creating a compliant, customer centric organization

When we think about new capabilities, how do we identify areas that need improvement and how can we prioritize new technology implementation in different areas of the firm? With the need for employees to be "good digital citizens" and technology evolving faster than ever before, a cultural shift is needed for firms to move forward. The evolution of "FinTech" and innovative startup's offering products that enable your firm to "give a better service" come with regulatory concerns, security challenges and data problems - join this session to learn how to join the FinTech revolution while remaining compliant and secure.

• Aligning technology with the right business lines - Incorporating "innovation" into the existing environment
• Business model innovation - how can firms respond to disrupters/new entrants (eg crowd sourcing start-ups in commercial real estate)
• FinTech's/new technologies and regulatory concerns - managing the difficulties of the regulatory knowledge gap
• The silicon valley strategy - top tips for working with start-ups and negotiating partnerships/investment
• Assessing how to alter business models by looking at how people work rather than how processes operate

Moderator: Michael Radziemski, Partner, FORTIUM PARTNERS
John W. Polis, Chief Operating & Technology Officer, STAR MOUNTAIN CAPITAL
Sarah Biller, Co Founder and Board Member, Fintech Sandbox,
Eliot Durbin, General Partner, BOLDSTART VENTURES

5.15 Conference Debrief: Victor Anderson, Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

5.20 20 years of Waters USA celebratory drinks reception and Champagne Roundtables

Join an "off the record" roundtable in the exhibition area during the drinks reception to discuss the key concerns raised in earlier sessions. Learn from your industry colleagues and collaborate to resolve challenges.

1. Natural language processing
2. Implementing AI effectively
3. Blockchain and DLT
4. GRC
5. FinTech and Innovation: threat or opportunity?
6. Data leaders networking
7. Regulatory strategy: navigating regulation around the firm
8. Women in data and technology

7.00 American Financial Technology Awards 2017 (invite only)