08.00 - 08.50 Women in Technology and Data Breakfast: Guest List Only

Waters Technology, Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data are committed to promoting diversity, equality and encouraging change within the financial industry. Over the past few years it has become apparent that women still make up significantly less than half of senior positions within the data and technology divisions, and that attracting female talent to these functional areas is a challenge.

Join us for this exclusive breakfast to expand your industry network, hear from senior female industry figures and promote female leadership for an equal future.

08.25 General Registration, refreshments and networking in the partner hub:

Join us for bottomless tea, coffee and continental refreshments before the conference begins - meet our vendor partners, and network with industry leaders to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Recharge Work Zone and SliDo Wall (ongoing throughout the day)

Throughout the day you can take a seat in the recharge zone where work stations will be provided.

Check your emails or take a break from the main conference while charging your devices and staying tuned-in to the sessions around you - plasma screens will show the SliDo poll results and questions coming in from the audience in the room.

08.55 Welcome remarks and industry overview : Anthony Malakian, US Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

"A celebration of 20 years of Waters USA"

• Opening comments
• Industry insights
• Words of wisdom from the esteemed Advisory Board (content generated during Advisory Board lunch in July 17)
• Explanation of new event formats for 2017

Audience Participation: First SliDo Interactive Poll

StartUp Selections: Overview of startup firms pitching later in the day

09.05 Esteemed Industry Keynote Presentation: Technology/Data Leader: Speaker TBA

09.30 Advisory Board Keynote Panel: Drivers for a customer centric, innovative business model

In July 2017 the new Waters USA Advisory Board met to discuss the latest industry challenges and strategies in preparation for the conference. Join us for this invaluable session to hear how a customer-centric organization is key to success, how data is your most valuable asset and how FinTech should be seen as the greatest opportunity of the age!

Themes for discussion will include:

  • Data
  • FinTech
  • Regulation
  • Build vs. Buy
  • Talent
  • Current market, economic and political outlook

10.10 Principal Sponsor Presentation: Tata Consultancy Services

10.35 NEW for 2017: StartUp Showcase Presentations:

The Waters USA Advisory Board and the Waters editorial team have shortlisted 4 innovative startup's to pitch in front of the audience. All firms have been chosen for showing huge potential and scope for creating waves in the FinTech space - if you want to be at the forefront of new technology and want to stay "in the know", this is the must-attend session of the day!

Vote for the startup that interests you most during the showcase session via our interactive event technology, Sli.Do - the winner will be announced later in the day and will receive a booth space to exhibit at one of our 2018 events!

Hosted by: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

Startup #1: TBA
Startup #2: TBA
Startup #3: TBA
Startup #4: TBA

11.00 Morning break and opportunity to network

Network with peers in the partner hub or around a table in the Knowledge Café

11.00 - 12.50 Break Out: Discussion Session in the Knowledge Café:

Join the conversation at our roundtable in the partnership hub - Take a seat at the table to discuss the corresponding topic with industry experts and service providers away from the main conference sessions


STREAM ONE: Advances in AI, machine learning and innovative technology development

STREAM TWO: The Data dilemma - strategies for streamlining data and managing the regulatory burden


Chairperson's opening remarks

Chairperson's opening remarks


Expert Panel: AI, machine leaning and alternative data sets: "What happens when algorithms are leading the herd?"

• Harnessing the evolution of AI technology with investment into alternative data sets
• Advances in alternative data consumption and analysis - the data science approach
• Training the machine to become the differentiating factor - creating unique trading strategies over time
• Identifying new, relevant sources of information or alternative data for competitive advantage
• Products and strategies for integrating machine learning and AI into existing processes

Expert Panel: Assessing firm-wide data strategy, implementing change and looking to the future

• The challenge of delivering data to the firms' critical capabilities
• Creating a data ecosystem to incorporate all of the data (firm wide) to form a new business model
• How could Start-Ups or vendors help to create solutions to contribute to this?
• Data consistency and lineage - concerns around rationalizing data sets against former systems
• Is there value in industry standards for data or value in moving to a common data model?


Waters Knowledge Session: Quickfire Panel - Cloud as a scalable solution - moving on from storage and towards scalability 2018 as the year of the public cloud

• Using the computing power of the public cloud
• Security concerns for cloud based data delivery
• Using cloud resources on demand - utilizing analytical functionality for data within the cloud
• Is the next step to migrate internal processes to the cloud?
• Advances in cloud based solutions - what are the latest offerings?
• What are the key regulatory concerns of cloud based storage solutions?

Waters Knowledge Session: Presentation open for sponsorship: Regulatory/data focused

Content to be defined by sponsor


Industry Initiatives: Blockchain: A shift from hype to adoption

• Capital markets adoption - are standards for interoperability the trigger for widespread adoption?
• Regulatory concerns - what are the CFTC and the SEC looking into around blockchain?
• Use cases - blockchain for record keeping vs. a means to trade
• Integrating the capabilities of blockchain with the opportunities presented by AI
• What does the future look like for blockchain and the capital markets?

Industry Initiatives: BCBS239 and creating a firm-wide data governance culture

With the implementation of BCBS239 firms have been forced to create a regulatory ecosystem for their data and re assess their data governance processes and culture. Learn how to incorporate governance procedures and quality checks into every day processes while creating a culture that becomes second nature to both your employees and your machines. As regulation paved the way for the introduction of data management and governance policies, what is the key imperative to embed in the long term?

• Implementing a sustainable, firm wide data governance program as a result of BCBS239
Interpreting regulation as an individual firm - defining what "good governance" or "compliance" looks like to your organization
• The reality of trying to monetize good data quality and governance - is it possible?
• Can the fast moving businesses we serve ever fully buy into a data governance model, with its checks and balances?
• How do we work towards a holistic culture where data ownership is key to success?

12.50 Lunch break and opportunity to network

Advisory board and VIP guest lunch: Speaker Green Room (Invite Only)


Chairman's opening remarks and overview of afternoon sessions

Chairman's opening remarks and overview of afternoon sessions


Industry Initiatives Panel: Applying AI and analytics technology firm wide to drive and improve customer (and internal) experience

• Should firms be creating platforms internally to enable AI and machine learning?
• Challenges around providing AI technology or platforms with the correct data
• How can we be using AI to drive or enable customer experience?
• Using AI for improving efficiency across the entire organizational ecosystem and for creating cost savings in the long run.
• What are we actually doing with AI right now vs. what is the full potential of AI within financial services.
• How are our compliance efforts benefiting from AI? (The Reg-Tech discussion).
• Where are the knowledge gaps in AI? How can we educate the business owners in AI?
• "The democratisation of AI" - how to make AI accessible to everyone within the firm and all of the organization's processes.

Industry Initiatives Panel: Reg-Tech and advances in cognitive compliance technology

• Using cognitive compliance solutions and effective analysis of unstructured data to address regulatory requirements
• The benefits of reg-tech for surveillance purposes and improvements to KYC and AML efforts
• How can you monitor and measure cognitive solutions to guarantee that your reporting efforts = regulatory compliance?
• Integrating new technologies for numerous reporting requirements - centralizing compliance efforts for multiple existing (and forthcoming) requirements around FRTB, MiFID II and Valuation Adjustments?
• How will the creation of the International RegTech Association (IRTA) enable collaboration and guidance in this space?


Spotlight Session: A new era of security concerns: the IoT-IT challenge

• The CISO's headache - assessing the shift in cyber security challenges in the era of IoT
• Safeguarding the firm against digital infiltration - securing internal systems and improving network visibility
• The people challenge - employee surveillance and individual responsibility
• A need for industry network standards or regulatory input
• Managing IT from the CISO down - making security for IT infrastructure the priority and managing network connectability for BYOD initiatives

Spotlight session: Managing the regulatory burden on a global scale:

There is a huge regulatory disconnect, particularly at a Basel level. The problem is that technologically unsophisticated regulators are making principles-based regulations for technologically complex topics and that doesn't always work. Join this session to hear from the firms and the vendors to help navigate the challenges of increasingly complex regulatory requirements

• How is your firm navigating regulation across different jurisdictional boundaries?
• Managing the technology disconnect between the regulators and the firms
• Handling regulation on a global scale - what are the concerns around MiFID II for your firm? How might Brexit impact your regulatory strategy?
• Extra-territoriality issues around data residence for MiFID 2 reprting and concerns around trade data and communications surveillance
• Collaboration between the data, compliance and technology functions
• Effectively partnering with vendors to ease the burden


Delegate discussion workshops:

Join a table in the Astor Ball Room to delve deeper into the topic of interest to you - talk "off the record" to industry experts and vendor partners to share challenges and strategies and to take part in live, interactive polls

Each of these sessions will be hosted by an industry expert or member of the Waters USA advisory board - we will send out a brief summary/discussion points in advance of the conference and delegates should join a table to share ideas with the group. Drop a business card in the bowl at your table if you would like to share your contact information with the other delegates at the table.

• Natural Language Processing
• Implementing AI effectively
• Blockchain
• Public Cloud
• FinTech/Innovation: Threat or opportunity
• Learning from consumer technology

Delegate discussion workshops:

Join a table in the Empire Complex to delve deeper into the topic of interest to you - talk "off the record" to industry experts and vendor partners to share challenges and strategies and to take part in live, interactive polls

Each of these sessions will be hosted by an industry expert or member of the Waters USA advisory board - we will send out a brief summary/discussion points in advance of the conference and delegates should join a table to share ideas with the group. Drop a business card in the bowl at your table if you would like to share your contact information with the other delegates at the table.

• Winning the metadata challenge
• Data governance strategy at BCBS239
• Regulatory strategy: navigating regulation around the firm
• RegTech/Cognitive compliance
• Industry standards for data

3.25 Afternoon break and and opportunity to network

Advice sharing and networking table: Attracting top talent and the pathway into data

Are you just starting out, or are you an experienced professional with a career spanning decades in the world of the financial data function? Whatever your role, stop by this table to share your experience with others and give advice to the millennial generation.

3.45 Slido selections and StartUp showcase results:

Anthony Malakian
, US Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

3.50 FinTech Keynote Presentation: Speaker TBA

4.15 Debate: Should we see "FinTech" as a threat or an opportunity?

Discussion point: Will FinTech disintermediate all of us and put us out of business? Will AI take away our jobs?

4.40 FinTech and Innovation: Creating a compliant, customer centric organization

When we think about new capabilities, how do we identify areas that need improvement and how can we prioritize new technology implementation in different areas of the firm? With the need for employees to be "good digital citizens" and technology evolving faster than ever before, a cultural shift is needed for firms to move forward. The evolution of "FinTech" and innovative startup's offering products that enable your firm to "give a better service" come with regulatory concerns, security challenges and data problems - join this session to learn how to join the FinTech revolution while remaining compliant and secure.

• Aligning technology with the right business lines - Incorporating "innovation" into the existing environment
• Business model innovation - how can firms respond to disrupters/new entrants (eg crowd sourcing start-ups in commercial real estate)
• FinTech's/new technologies and regulatory concerns - managing the difficulties of the regulatory knowledge gap
• The silicon valley strategy - top tips for working with start-ups and negotiating partnerships/investment
• Assessing how to alter business models by looking at how people work rather than how processes operate

5.15 Conference Debrief: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

5.20 Champagne Roundtable Insight Q&A sessions:

Join an "off the record" roundtable to discuss the key concerns raised in earlier sessions over a glass of Champagne. Learn from your industry colleagues and collaborate during the session to resolve challenges

1. Natural Language Processing
2. Implementing AI effectively
3. Blockchain
4. Public Cloud
5. FinTech/Innovation: Threat or opportunity
6. Learning from consumer technology
7. Winning the metadata challenge
8. Data governance strategy at BCBS239
9. Regulatory strategy: navigating regulation around the firm
10. RegTech/Cognitive compliance
11. Industry standards for data
12. MiFID II
13. FRTB
14. GDPR

(topics are suggestions only and can be amended to suit requirements)

5.45 20 years of Waters USA celebratory drinks reception and wine tasting: Open to all delegates

Join us for a celebration of Waters USA in the partnership hub and try a selection of fine wines, expertly described and explained by our guest sommeliers

7.00 American Financial Technology Awards 2017 (invite only)