Full agenda

Pre Event Briefing

Location: WatersTechnology Main Stage

07:45 - 08:55

Waters Technology “Women in Technology and Data” briefing – open to all attendees

Back by popular demand! After the success of the 2017 Women in Technology and Data briefing we’ll be hosting this exclusive networking, sharing and learning session once again before the main conference.
Waters Technology has committed to creating a platform for both men and women within the industry to come together to discuss issues around gender equality and the cultural shift still needed to ensure inclusion, understanding and change.
Open to all attendees, this session will consist of a keynote address followed by an open panel session involving the audience.
We’ll be running live polls to generate opinion and gauge how the industry perceives the move towards a more inclusive culture of equal opportunity. 
08.00 – 08.15: Keynote Address: Speaker to be confirmed
08.15 – 08.20: Meet your peers: Networking exercise to make new contacts
08.20 – 08.55 A culture shift: an industry of diversity, equality and opportunity: Interactive panel session
Points for discussion include:
  • Why are we still having this conversation?
  • Advice to other firms for creating a culture of equality and opportunity
  • Pathway to the top – what can firms be doing to ensure development and career progression across the board?
  • Encouraging the next generation of female leaders to consider roles in financial data and technology
  • Unconscious bias – recognizing areas for improvement in your firm
  • Work/life balance – overcoming the hurdles and changing perceptions

Main Conference

08:25 - 09:00


Join us for bottomless tea, coffee and continental refreshments before the conference begins – meet our vendor partners, and network with industry leaders to prepare yourself for the day ahead.
Networking innovations and learning opportunities:
Advisory board and speaker lounge: Why not schedule a meeting with one of the experts? Use the event app to request a meeting with a speaker, board member, vendor partner or delegate – use the lounge to catch up over a coffee!
Advice wall: Throughout the day we’ll be posting the survey results from our interactive event technology, Slido, as well as showcasing information from all of the sessions and presentations so you don’t miss out on any of the advice given!
Event App: Download the event app to schedule meetings, view the agenda, receive notifications, enter competitions, learn more about the speakers, connect with other attendees and much more!
Subscribers’ area: Meet our editorial and subscriptions team to learn how to make the most of your Waters subscription, or how to become a subscriber to our unique, impartial industry content.
Spotlight stage: Drop by the spotlight stage at various points throughout the day to hear from some of the most innovative start-ups and to learn about new, pioneering products from our vendor partners.
Event map: Check out the different spaces being used throughout the day on our giant event map by the registration desk! You’ll find a list of our exhibitors here too, and their location in the partner hub.
Demo sessions: (Schedule to be released in November) Listen out for demo’s taking place throughout the day – our vendor partners will be showcasing the best they have to offer while informing you how their products and systems can benefit your firm.
Recharge Café: Throughout the day you can take a seat in the recharge café away from the main event, to catch up on work without leaving the conference.
Competition time: Stop by the subscriber lounge to take part in the Waters “Deep Dive” game to win amazing prizes!
Private meeting room: Do you have a pre-scheduled private meeting? Meet the meeting co-ordinator at the check in point by Hub 2 at your allocated time.
Slido: Join the conversation using our interactive event technology by asking questions to the speakers and answering live polls – join at #WATERSUSA

Location: WatersTechnology Main Stage

09:00 - 09:10

25 years of Waters!

Welcome remarks from Victor Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, WatersTechnology

This year we celebrate 25 years of Waters Technology – Join us at 09.00 to hear about how the industry has evolved over this time, what we can look forward to throughout the day and how to make the most out of the conference.
Join the conversation at #WATERSUSA

Opening Poll:
What is the future of financial services technology and data?
We’ll reveal the results of this poll at the end of the day to compare it with the discussions and conclusions raised within the conference sessions. Join us at the “Waters in the spotlight” session at 4.45 to lean more.

09:10 - 09:40

Lessons from the top: EXCLUSIVE - A CIO’s outlook

Bridget Engle, Global CIO, BNY MELLON (pending final confirmation)
Hear this exclusive keynote address to learn how BNY Mellon are innovating from within.

09:40 - 10:15

An Industry of Innovation: Addressing the need for change, the real use cases for AI and the tech strategy of tomorrow

With the aim of lowering the total cost of operations while providing the best services, products and outcomes for customers, technology and data spend is top of the priority list for any successful global firm. With this in mind, Members of the Waters USA Advisory Board and vendors at the forefront of innovation will come together to debate the hype behind AI, where technology investment really makes a difference, how alternative data could give you the edge, and the need for cultural change across the industry.

Topics for discussion will include:
  • Reinstating the drivers for technology investment – assessing the most pressing business requirements to decide where to spend
  • Bringing new technology into the firm in a secure and measured way – start-up offerings vs. established vendor tools
  • Lessons learnt from the processing power and data quality processes of other heavily regulated industries
  • The internal benefits of AI – using the latest analytical tools to learn what needs to be done in order to better service the customer
  • Assessing products that replace more than one existing technology or service
  • A shifting approach to talent, skillset and culture – the need for fluidity and change within the financial services

10:15 - 10:40

Partner Thought Leadership Presentation: UnaVista, London Stock Exchange Group

Details to be confirmed

Morning coffee and networking break + Start-Up Showcase

Location: Partner hub

10:40 - 11:15

Morning Break

Utilize this extended break to meet with vendor partners, industry peers and members of the advisory board. Remember to use the app to schedule your meetings throughout the day!

Grab a coffee and join the start-up showcase session in Hub1 or use the break to see what else is going on around the event – have you entered the Waters Deep Dive competition in the subscriber lounge? Have you reviewed the Slido results from the morning sessions on the main screen? Check out the event map by registration to see what’s going on where!

Location: WatersTechnology Main Stage

“Where can we really lend ourselves to analytical innovation?”

11:20 - 11:50

Practical use cases for AI: Where can you really see results?

How can we add value to the organisation through our data and how can we quantify the results? What are the latest use cases for AI that equal competitive advantage or better internal operational efficiency? Join this session to learn from firms using AI and machine learning to generate the most value from data assets.
Topics for discussion include:
  • How can AI allow us to take advantage of our mass data assets?
  • How can we using findings from applying AI to deliver customized products and solutions both internally and for external customers?
  • AI in the back office – re-thinking possible outcomes of data analytics for instant results
  • Latest use cases for AI around surveillance and security
  • Internal innovation vs vendor offerings – where are we seeing the best results and what are the latest offerings?

11:50 - 12:10

Thought leadership presentation

Details to be confirmed

Location: Hub 1

10:40 - 11:15

Start-Up Showcase

The Waters USA Advisory Board and the Waters editorial team have shortlisted 4 innovative start-up’s to pitch live against the clock in front of the audience.
All firms have been chosen for showing huge potential and scope for creating waves in the FinTech space – if you want to be at the forefront of new technology and want to stay “in the know”, this is the must-attend session of the day!
Vote for the start-up that interests you most during the showcase session via our interactive event technology, Sli.Do – the winner will be announced later in the day and will receive a booth space to exhibit at one of our 2019 events!

Hosted by:  Victor Anderson, Editor, Waters and WatersTechnology

10.45 – 10.50 Start-up #1: TBC

10.50 – 10.55 Start-up #2: TBC

10.55 – 11.00 Start-up #3: TBC

11.00 – 11.05 Start-up #4: TBC

Meet the start-ups throughout the rest of the day at the Start-Up pop up by nourish point 2! Why not schedule a meeting using the app?

Location: Hub 1

“Bringing the start-up mentality to the big bank culture”

11:20 - 11:50

Committing to your tech: How should start-ups partner with us, how should we partner with them, and where are the opportunities for innovation?

Advice to, and from the FinTech start-ups! In a time when “innovation” is at the forefront of every tech function, the way we do business is changing. Join this session to hear from the labs, the incubators, the investors and the start-ups.
  • Bringing the start-up mentality to big bank culture
  • Pros and cons of start-ups’s vs big vendors – why should we consider using the smaller firms?
  • Overcoming the on-boarding and security issues
  • Where are we seeing the most progress with regards to new tech offerings?
  • Advice from one side, to the other – how to succeed in the new world of FinTech and how to combat the resistance

11:45 - 12:10

Thought leadership presentation

Details to be confirmed

Hosted Deep Dive Workshops

Each of these off the record learning sessions will be hosted by an industry expert or member of the Waters USA advisory board – you will receive a summary or discussion points in advance of the conference and should join a table relevant to your area of expertise to share ideas with the group and learn from other firms

12.10 – 12.15: Time to move around to your preferred workshop table

Location: Waters Technology Main Stage

12:15 - 12:50

Theme 1

  1. Analytics and AI
  2. Alternative Data sets
  3. DLT and Crypto
  4. Cloud innovation

Location: Hub 1

12:15 - 12:50

Theme 2

  1. StartUp partnerships and the future of FinTech
  2. RegTech and cognitive compliance
  3. Advances in market data – applying an innovative approach
  4. Culture, talent and diversity

12.50 – 1.55: Lunch break, meetings and networking for all attendees

Use the app to schedule meetings in the speaker lounge during the lunch break!

Location: Partner Hub

Main lunch, networking and demo sessions from exhibitors

Location: Hub 1

Women in Technology and Data lunch area (open to all attendees)

Guest speaker to be announced

Location: Hub 2

Sponsor hosted private lunch

Afternoon sessions

“A new era of technology innovation and analytics capabilities – the evolving industry wide shift”

Location: Waters Technology Main Stage

“Thinking outside the date-box – it’s not “big” anymore, it’s huge!”

1:55 - 2:00

Opening Remarks

Details to be confirmed

2:00 - 2:25

Lessons from a data leader

Out of Industry Keynote TBC

2:25 - 3:00

Alternative data sets and unstructured data

The untapped opportunities of unstructured data

3:00 - 3:25

Editors choice: Crypto Currencies and the DLT debate

Hosted by Anthony Malakian, Editor-at-Large, WatersTechnology

Location: Hub 1

“Utilizing regulation as a driver for success!”

1:55 - 2:00

Opening remarks

Details to be confirmed

2:00 - 2:25

Regulatory Keynote:

US Regulator TBC

2:25 - 3:00

Global regulatory strategy and cognitive compliance solutions

Using the computing capabilities of AI to generate better reporting and enhanced surveillance

3:00 - 3:25

Reg-Tech showcase presentation:

Hear from the leader in RegTech solutions

3.25 – 3.40 Pit-Stop coffee break

Location: Waters Tech Main Stage

3:40 - 3:45

Afternoon overview from Victor Anderson, Editor-In-Chief, WatersTechnology:

Start-up showcase results

3:45 - 4:15

In conversation with…

Bank of America Group CIO, Cathy Bessant is interviewed live on stage by James Rundle, Editor of WatersTechnology

4:15 - 4:45

How to Lead Your Financial Enterprise Through its Data Journey while Enabling Digital Transformation

4:45 - 5:15

Highlights of 2018: WatersTechnology Champagne Sessions

Join a table to learn about the topical stories most read and evaluated by you over the past 12 months. Each table, hosted by a member of the editorial team or partner of WatersTechnology will cover the subject matter of a feature or article from or Waters Magazine.
These informal, off the record sessions will allow you to talk openly with industry colleagues and our expert team about the real challenges facing the industry and how we can move forward for 2019. Receive the unlocked articles before the conference and pre-register for your chosen session.
  1. Women in Technology and Data
  2. DLT
  3. Alternative data
  4. M&A
  5. StartUp revolution
  6. Data Science
  7. AI
  8. Programming languages

5:15 - 6:45

25 years of WatersTechnology drinks reception and celebration – open to all attendees
Location: Partnership hub

The invite only American Financial Technology Awards dinner and ceremony will follow the conference