General Registration, refreshments and networking

Join us for bottomless tea, coffee and continental refreshments before the conference begins - meet our vendor partners, and network with industry leaders to prepare yourself for the day ahead.


Welcome remarks and introduction to the inaugural North American Innovation Summit and our advisory board

Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERSTECHNOLOGY


Industry Keynote Presentation: Digital transformation through innovation

Joerg Landsch, Head of Innovation Labs Americas, DEUTSCHE BANK


Spotlight panel: Harnessing innovation within the financial services - opportunities, hurdles and lessons learnt

This panel will examine trends in FinTech, including the benefits and risks to be found in engaging external partners building innovative solutions in machine learning, blockchain, and big data analytics among others. It will seek to dive deeper on the best practices at large firms who are integrating and deploying these new techniques as much as it will consider what FinTech means to the future of the Financial Services industry

  • What is innovation and what does it mean to your firm?
  • The FinTech market is very saturated - how can you choose the right firm to collaborate with?
  • How can banks tap into the FinTech market?
  • How do large firms identify and prioritize emerging technologies and the start-ups that are building these solutions?
  • What are the some key learnings that drove successful partnerships between technology teams, the business and external development?
  • What does the rise of FinTech really mean to the future of banking?
  • Harnessing innovation through the cloud based infrastructure - leveraging scalability and flexibility

Moderator: Sarah Biller, Co-Founder, FINTECH SANDBOX
Lucien L. Foster, Head of Fintech Strategy & Partnerships, BNY MELLON
Luis Valdich, Managing Director, CITI VENTURES
Peter Tshalis, Managing Director, Digital Distribution and Technology, TIAA CREF
Ruth MacQuiddy, Technology Strategist, New York Lab - Global Innovation, DEUTSCHE BANK
Stewart Carmichael, CTO, SCHRODERS
John Bryant, Chief Technology Officer, OPTIONS TECHNOLOGY


Keynote presentation: Beyond the chatbot - innovation for a voice-first future and how Clinc's conversational AI platform has redefined fintech

Jason Mars, Chief Executive Officer, Clinc and Assistant Professor, University of Michigan


Morning break and opportunity to network


Chairperson's opening remarks

Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERSTECHNOLOGY



Panel: Leveraging machine learning, AI and human intelligence to respond to real business needs

  • How can you make the most of AI technology and which areas of the business would most benefit from automation?
  • Which skills should financial institutions be investing in to build AI capabilities in order to future-proof their organization?
  • Can machine learning users meet regulatory obligations when algorithms are almost black boxes?
  • Addressing the importance of ‘owning' the outcome of an algorithm and remaining accountable for your machines
  • How can machine learning (if at all) contribute to fight global challenges and can it boost convergence of developing/emerging economies?

Moderator: Michael Radziemski, Partner, FORTIUM PARTNERS
Victor Tewari, PMP, Senior Technology Officer, CM Institutional & Corp Banking Technology, BMO FINANCIAL GROUP
Chris Kovel, Managing Director, MORGAN STANLEY
Gordon Ritter, Senior Portfolio Manager, GSA CAPITAL
David Rukshin, Chief Technology Officer, WORLDQUANT
Peter Memon, Head of Emerging Technology, SYNECHRON

Workshop discussion:

Using semantic tech and No-SQL data

Keith Lubell, Chief Technology Officer, BERKERY NOYES & CO


Presentation: Machine learning and ESG




Lunch break and an opportunity to network


Chairperson's remarks

Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERSTECHNOLOGY



Case study: Creating a successful client and FinTech partnership

  • Identifying what makes a good partner
  • Assessing various partnership models
  • Lessons learnt

Gerald Ledonne, Executive Director, UBS

Workshop discussion:

Creating a framework for blockchain to succeed

Host: Rares Pateanu, Executive Consultant, RLP Executive Consulting


Fireside chat: Examining the application of cognitive technology for surveillance and compliance

With the rise of regulations, rogue traders and increasing fines, surveillance and compliance has never been more important. In this session, our panel of experts will examine how cognitive technology has revolutionized this process by allowing compliance specialists to identify patterns in data that may not be possible for humans alone to pick up.

Moderator: Elizabeth M. Ling, President, EMLING ADVISORS and Former Global Risk Manager, BANK OF AMERICA
Joseph Lodato, Managing Director, Global Head of Compliance Surveillance and Technology, GUGGENHEIM PARTNERS
Viktor Grinberg, Director, Compliance Technology, DEUTSCHE BANK
Tammy Eisenberg, Director - Investment Management Risk & Compliance, BNY MELLON
Abel Picardi, Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer, BANK OF CHINA


Afternoon break and opportunity to network


Meet the Innovators: Quick fire pitches from five of the most innovative start-ups in FinTech

Introduction to the new 'Meet the Innovators' session: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERSTECHNOLOGY

Pitch 1. Josh Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, SOLOVIS

Pitch 2. Zac Sheffer, CEO & Founder, ELSEN

Pitch 3. Sri Satish Ambati, CEO and Co-Founder, H2O.AI

Pitch 4. AJ DeRosa, EVP of Sales, ORBITAL INSIGHT

Pitch 5. Nathan Steven, CEO, FORWARD LANE

The audience will be asked to vote on their favourite pitch and then the results will be announced at the end of the day.


A fireside chat on: The use of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to overcome growing challenges in transaction reporting

  • Potential benefits, costs, limitations and challenges in the adoption of distributed ledger technologies
  • Successful use cases in blockchain, partnerships and collaboration between corporate and start-ups
  • Establishing what is required to encourage innovation in API standards and wider adoption of open source technology
  • With fragmented markets, do the industry need to come together to embrace the potential of blockchain?

Moderator: Rares Pateanu, Executive Consultant, RLP Executive Consulting
Arnaud Stevens, Managing Director, Head of Global Energy & Commodities - Trade & Structured Finance, Americas, NATIXIS
Arijit Das, Senior Vice President, FinTech Solutions and Enterprise Messaging, NORTHERN TRUST
Emmanuel Aidoo, Head of Distributed Ledger and Blockchain Strategy, Credit Suisse
Bill Dwyer, Managing Director, Corporate and Business Development Americas, NUMERIX
Brian Nadzan, EVP Development, ALPHAPOINT


Editor's key take away points, announcing the fintech start up 2017 winner and closing remarks

Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERSTECHNOLOGY


Champagne roundtables

During this session we will provide copies of all of the questions received throughout the day via SliDo corresponding to each topic - join an "off the record" roundtable to discuss the key concerns raised in earlier sessions over a glass of Champagne. Learn from your industry colleagues and collaborate during the session to resolve challenges, share ideas and improve your strategy.

2. Working with incubators, FinTechs and startups
Host: Sarah Biller, Co-Founder, FinTech Sandbox

2. AI and machine learning
Michael Radziemski, Partner, FORTIUM PARTNERS

3. Distributed Ledger Technology
Emmanuel Aidoo, Head of Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Strategy, CREDIT SUISSE

Abel Picardi, Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer, BANK OF CHINA


Drinks reception and opportunity to network

If you would like to be considered as a speaker for this event, please contact [email protected]