2024 Award Categories

Below are the 35 categories making up this year’s Waters Ranking, divided into five sections: Trading ServicesTrading ToolsData and Data ManagementCompliance, Risk Management and the Back Office; and Infrastructure and Connectivity.

Trading Services

  • Best Agency Broker
  • Best Crossing Network Provider
  • Best Clearing House (Clearing Service Provider)
  • Best Algorithmic Trading Provider

Trading Tools

  • Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Provider 
  • Best Sell-Side Order Management System (OMS) Provider 
  • Best Buy-Side Order Management System (OMS) Provider
  • Best Portfolio Management System Provider
  • Best Execution Management System (EMS) Provider
  • Best Performance Measurement and Attribution System Provider
  • Best Transaction-Cost Analysis (TCA) System Provider

Data and Data Management

  • Best Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Systems Provider
  • Best Market Data Provider
  • Best Reference Data Provider
  • Best Alternative Data Provider
  • Best ESG Data Provider
  • Best Corporate Actions Solution Provider 
  • Best Low-latency Data Feed Provider
  • Best Data Analytics Provider
  • Best Managed Data Service Provider

 Compliance, Risk Management and the Back Office

  • Best Distributed-Ledger Technology Provider
  • Best AML Compliance Solution Provider
  • Best Market Risk Solution Provider
  • Best Credit Risk Solution Provider
  • Best Market Surveillance Provider
  • Best Reporting System Provider 
  • Best Accounting System Provider
  • Best Cyber-Security Provider
  • Best Reconciliation Management Provider

 Infrastructure and Connectivity

  • Best Outsourcing Service Provider
  • Best Trading Floor Communication System Provider
  • Best Network Provider
  • Best Mobile Solutions Provider
  • Best Cloud-Based Application Provider 
  • Best Cloud Infrastructure Provider