Roundtable - Optimizing Reconciliations through AI Technology

Online roundtable - Optimizing Reconciliations through AI Technology

The application of AI technology, including observational learning and other machine-learning functionality, to support capital markets firms’ reconciliations functions has been transformative in terms of the speed, accuracy and transparency with which results can be produced. This roundtable will delve into specifically how the technology works, how firms can make the business case for deploying an AI-driven reconciliations solution, and how they can optimize their existing data repositories and tech stacks with the view to maximizing the benefits of making such a move.

Discussion highlights:

•    The tangible business benefits firms can reasonably expect on the back of using an AI-enabled reconciliations platform
•    The technology, data and operational considerations firms need to be aware of in order to maximize the benefits of implementing an AI-enabled recs solution
•    What firms should be looking for in a reconciliations partner in terms of time to market; ease of delivery, use and implementation; performance; and functionality

About think tanks think tanks are virtual roundtables designed exclusively for senior executives. These virtual events provide an intimate, board room style setting for executives to discuss a specific trend or challenge in order to develop the best course of action to address it. The discussion is conducted under Chatham House rules which means it is off the record hence participants can share their views openly, freely and anonymously. would welcome senior practitioners to take part to exchange idea with peers and to move forward together during uncertain times.

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The event is held under Chatham House Rule to allow for an open discussion.

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