ESG-Driven Investments

In-person roundtable: ESG-Driven Investments – Transparency, Accuracy and Greenwashing Issues Remain<br />

About the event

Led by WatersTechnology’s global content director, Victor Anderson, this roundtable will be an exclusive invitation-only gathering of senior executives from asset managers that are now incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG)-focused investments into their portfolios, driven principally by investor demand, especially across the mature markets of the US, the UK and Europe. But as the industry has witnessed over the course of the last two years, not all ESG data is created equally in terms of accuracy, transparency, and reliability. Objectivity and timeliness of ESG data continues to challenge even for the most sophisticated and best resourced buy-side firms, while greenwashing concerns persist.    

This roundtable discussion will focus on the following issues:

  • What role AI can play in helping buy-side firms create more accurate, timely, and financially correlated proprietary ESG scores that drive alpha
  • Back to the basics: Why ESG Revenue and Product Involvement is paramount in simplifying ESG performance and helping investors understand which companies are transitioning, and which are not 
  • How prevalent is greenwashing in the ESG market right now and how can data providers/aggregators help the buy side address greenwashing concerns? 
  • The role data providers can play in terms of ESG and Regulatory reporting, helping remove a non-core function from investment managers 

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