WatersTechnology CAP Roundtable

Processing corporate actions is a complex task, partly due to the myriad event types and the fact that data is inconsistent and sourced from multiple places. It is often a manually intensive process that is heavily dependent on the processing capabilities of financial services firms and the quality

This in-person roundtable hosted by Asia Risk, WatersTechnology and SmartStream will bring together corporate action and operations leaders to discuss key challenges and opportunities with corporate actions processing (CAP), such as data pain points in automations, ISO 20022 implementations, risk & controls framework, and how to drive business value from CAP optimisation and the next step towards operational excellence.


Theme 1: Challenges and CAP life cycle
  • How can businesses evolve beyond manual validation? Why is automating corporate actions still so challenging? Which specific areas are the most challenging to automate?
  • How latency drives compression and what are the challenges managing data with different levels of latency, e.g. Batch – EOD – Intraday – Real-time?  
  • Lessons learned from ISO 20022 implementations, and how does it reduce manual processing?
Theme 2: Risk & Control
  • What are the risks associated with automating Corporate Actions Processing How do firms deal with these risks, and are there ways to handle it better?
  • Which specific processes could be automated for cost efficiency?
  • Eliminating manual pain points and achieving automation with limited risk: End-to-end corporate actions processing. Where are we today?
Theme 3: Future State
  • How to create a business case for CAP optimization. What hinders this process? Budget? Management?
  • Untying the knots: What is the optimum vision for CAP for the next 6-12 months?

Who Should Attend?

Senior level professionals within departments including:

  • Risk

    • Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk, Quant/Analyist

  • Technology

    • Back Office, Data/Information, Market Data, Reference Data, Risk Technology, Trading Technology

  • Trader/Markets

    • Collateral Management, Fixed Income, FX, Interest Rates, Structured Products, Trading

About WatersTechnology think tanks

Waterstechnology think tanks are virtual roundtables designed exclusively for senior executives. These virtual events provide an intimate, board room style setting for executives to discuss a specific trend or challenge in order to develop the best course of action to address it. The discussion is conducted under Chatham House rules which means it is off the record hence participants can share their views openly, freely and anonymously.

Waterstechnology would welcome senior practitioners to take part to exchange idea with peers and to move forward together during uncertain times.

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