The Buy-Side Technology Awards features 35 categories (see below).

Best alternative data provider to the buy side

Judges are looking for details regarding the various types of alternative data, transparency around the sourcing of that data, and how easily it can be introduced to incumbent portfolio management workflows.


Best ESG data provider to the buy side

Judges are looking for details regarding entrants' ESG datasets, including data quality, granularity, and especially ease-of-use with respect to including such datasets within incumbent portfolio management workflows. 

Best buy-side data analytics tool

Tools must be able to interrogate large data volumes (both structured and unstructured), and produce actionable analysis based on that information discovery, illustrating the business benefits to buy-side user-firms.

Best buy-side data management product

Functions should include repository management (design, storage, archiving, retrieval, distribution of data); content management (importing and cleansing routines); business intelligence tools designed to allow authorized business users to interrogate data repository; creation of reports and manufacture of data sets.

Best buy-side managed data service

Judges are looking for details of the managed data service, including responsiveness to client requests, customisability and the various ancillary data management functions that underpin such services. 


Best integrated front-office platform

Functions should include the bulk management of multi-asset portfolios to the same benchmark; OMS and EMS functions; modeling; analytics; compliance; multi-asset class coverage.

Best integrated middle-office platform

Products entered into this category should include a mix of market and credit risk support, performance and attribution, P&L, collateral management and post-trade processing functions, all within a suite or on a single platform.


Best integrated back-office platform

Products entered into this category should feature reconciliations, corporate actions processing, accounting, collateral management and cash and liquidity management functions, all within a suite or on a single platform.

Best buy-side OMS

Platforms should feature pre-trade (deal time) and post-trade compliance; support for a range of asset classes including derivatives; a trading blotter; FIX-enabled connectivity; and order generation and routing functions.

Best buy-side EMS

Platforms should feature multi-broker/exchange connectivity; pre-trade transaction cost analysis (TCA); algorithmic trading tools and DMA; and should show strong integration capabilities with OMSs.

Best buy-side algo trading tool/suite

Functions should include a variety of pre-packaged trading algorithms; ability to test strategies; ability to analyze and interpret market events; ease-of-use and easy to understand GUI (this category covers discrete algorithmic trading products and not EMSs).

Best buy-side AI (artificial intelligence) platform or tool

The winning entry must explain how the AI technology enhances business processes across the buy side and must provide examples of specific use-cases within buy-side firms.

Best IBOR (investment book of record) platform/service

Entrants should demonstrate how their investment book of record (IBOR) platform satisfies commonly accepted IBOR criteria/functionality, the tangible business benefits offered by such a platform, and interoperability with existing/legacy systems.

Best buy-side performance measurement and attribution product

Functions should include calculation of returns for portfolio (benchmarks and composites); calculation of attribution effects for equity and fixed-income portfolios; and calculation of ex-post risk, absolute and relative.


Best buy-side TCA (transaction-cost analysis) tool

The panel is looking for a transaction-cost analysis (TCA) tool or service that supports multiple asset classes, a range of benchmarks in its analysis, the ability to assess venue as well as broker performance, and a granular focus on data and its presentation.


Best buy-side portfolio analysis tool

The winning entry in this category must support buy-side firms’ transparency/analysis functions with respect to the variables/factors that drive portfolio/manager performance.

Best portfolio accounting platform

Functions should include the ability to support multiple currencies, transactions, and instruments (asset classes); back-office connectivity; flexibility and scalability.


Best buy-side client reporting platform

Functions include the ability to customize report formats and the look and feel of reports for different clients and/or portfolios; automated production of reports; and ability to manage source data and to monitor production status.


Best buy-side compliance product — KYC

Judges are looking for details regarding the product's transparency, granularity, ease-of-use, and its market and geographic reach to ensure that user-firms' KYC obligations are fully supported.

Best buy-side compliance product — regulatory reporting

Judges are looking for the specific regulations supported by entrants products/services, what they believe sets them apart from others similar offerings, and their ease-of-use/intuitiveness from a client's perspective.

Best buy-side compliance product – trading

Judges are looking for details regarding how entrants' products help buy-side firms comply with regulatory mandates and specific client requirements, while offering auditabilty, transparancy and ease-of use.   

Best buy-side market/integrated surveillance tool/platform

This category focuses on the platforms or tools that allow buy-side firms to monitor their traders' activities, including executions, communication, market movements and intelligence in real time to ensure that no market abuse has occurred, and they comply with regulatory and client mandates.

Best buy-side risk management product

Functions should include risk-based portfolio modelling; 'what if' analysis; stress testing; Monte Carlo simulation; and (ideally) the ability to provide VaR and NAV figures.

Best buy-side risk management initiative over the last 12 months

This category seeks to acknowledge enhancements to an existing risk management platform or the launch of a new risk management tool (unveiled since June 2022), designed to address current risk management challenges across the buy-side

Best buy-side evaluated pricing service

Services will be judged on broadness of product coverage; contributing pricing partners; methodology; and specificity to the buy side.

Best buy-side corporate actions platform

Products entered into this category should include event diaries, real-time processing of the entire event lifecycle, and support for a wide range of events and messaging standards.

Best buy-side CRM (customer relationship management) platform

The winning entry in this category should include functionality designed specifically to allow buy-side firms to efficiently manage client relationships that are growing both in terms of numbers and complexity.

Best buy-side reconciliation platform/service

The winning product in this category would need to address the following: exception management, it should provide interfaces to widely-used matching engines, and it should support the automatic reconciliation of a large number of instruments, especially OTC derivatives.

Best outsourcing/BPO provider to the buy side

Entrants (providers) should be able to illustrate their ability to provide valuable, cost-effective and efficient business process outsourcing (BPO) services to the buy side, primarily across the back office, although appropriate middle- and front-office business processes will also be considered.

Best buy-side execution venue

This category's award will go to the dark pool/crossing network provider best able to provide investment managers access to non-listed liquidity with minimal information leakage.

Best low-latency trading network

This category focuses on the underlying trading architecture/network as opposed to the applications running in that environment. Entries should illustrate the broadness of their connectivity, their proximity to market centers and exchanges, and their ability to manage large data/trade volumes without adding unnecessary latency.

Best cloud provider to the buy side

Entrants should be able to demonstrate the ability to provide managed software, infrastructure, or a platform-as-a-service, or combinations of all three, with rapid implementations, flexible consumer models, and high security standards.

Best implementation at a buy-side firm

This category seeks to highlight a specific product implementation that has gone live between June 2022 and June 2023. The winning implementation will need to have been completed on time and on budget; the winning entry will need to explain (in detail) why the implementation is deserving of this award.

Best use of the agile methodology

The winning entry in this category must illustrate the extent to which the firm operates in an agile manner through regular sprints, frequent software releases, and close, ongoing collaboration with clients.

Best buy-side newcomer (vendor or product)

This category is open to any technology vendor, service provider or product/service established or introduced since June 2022. New iterations of existing applications are not considered to be new products, although substantial upgrades that offer new functionality are.