APFIC 2019 agenda

APFIC 2019 agenda

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Registration and Continental Breakfast

Executive Pre-conference Breakfast Round-table


Chairperson's Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote Address:

Building a Game-Changing Digital Strategy to Succeed In the Hyper-Competitive and Increasingly Complex Global Economy

  • Addressing the need for change, the practical use cases for AI and the tech strategy of tomorrow

  • What can traditional players learn from emerging disruptors and FinTech firms

  • Revolutionising traditional processes and transforming operations with emerging automation systems and predictive analytics

  • Enhancing diversity and inclusion strategy at Natixis for long-term value creation and performance increase

Elvie Lahournère, Digital and Innovation Director - APAC, NATIXIS BANK


Keynote Panel:

Creating an Organizational Structure to Turn Data into a Valuable Asset

Data quality, governance and management are fast becoming board room-level topics. This panel will explore some of the latest essential strategies and tools for distilling the highest quality of data to ultimately monetize it.

  • Leveraging on emerging digital tools to better measure data quality and streamline internal processes

  • How will regulatory drivers including MiFIDII and FRTB affect data usage

  • Embedding efficient data quality analysis tools at a strategic level for enhancing productivity and profitability

  • Security risks and privacy concerns: Best practices on mitigating risks and managing ongoing threats

Christopher Butler, Chief Data Officer, HSBC 


Case Study Presentation:

Taking Action to Stay Abreast of Fast-moving Sanction Regimes

  • Navigating the maze of sanctioned securities with effective sanctions compliance

  • Identifying securities linked to individuals, companies and beneficial owners to avoid significant fines

  • Identifying tainted entities and their issued securities with comprehensive coverage checks on the market

  • How to remain up-to-date as the political and regulatory situation evolves, such as regulator updates and shareholder changes



Networking Morning Break


Case Study Presentation:

Call to Action: Digitization, Automation & The Cloud

  • Corporate actions have traditionally been seen as a post-trade activity, but there is now also an area of interest for the front office as firms seek to leverage arbitrage opportunities

  • These opportunities not only require timely and accurate data but also sophisticated, real time exception management to mitigate the risks associated to bad data which can lead to missed opportunities

  • Increasing interest in trading on the back of corporate actions elevates the importance of this area to the business. It offers additional justification to increase automation, demand access to greater levels of intraday data and drive operational efficiencies

Alan Jones, Business Solutions Director APAC, SMARTSTREAM


Panel Discussion:

Cloud-based Data Management

  • Corporate actions have traditionally been seen as a post-trade activity, but there is now also an area of interest for the front office as firms seek to leverage arbitrage opportunities

  • What data management and reporting tools will data vendors offer: for access to shared clouds for access to bespoke “data lakes”?

  • How is user and usage reporting performed in a cloud environment?

  • Can Consumers create - and manage - hybrid cloud environments (e.g. exchange data resides in a shared cloud, OTC data resides in a private cloud) using an integrated data management tool?

Stephane Dubois, Chief Executive Officer, XIGNITE 
Nimesh Bharadia, Head of Asia - Data, Product & Strategy, TRADITION ASIA
Antoine Burke, Sales Director APAC, ASSET CONTROL


Panel Discussion:

The Implications of China’s Renminbi Globalisation on the APAC region

  • How are the capital markets factoring into China's globalisation and its economic future?

  • Which asset classes are being traded internationally? Why?

  • Who is participating in the Chinese capital markets outside China?

  • Where are participants getting market data for pricing? Which trading platforms are they using?

  • In terms of the Chinese institutional footprint and investment regulation as part of the globalisation, what can we expect?

Phillip Perrot, Head of DataLab in FENICS Market Data, BGC PARTNERS
David Quah, MD, Quantitative Investment Solutions & Value Partners Asset Management Malaysia, VALUE PARTNERS GROUP


Networking Lunch Break & Exhibition Visit

Roundtables – in the exhibition space

Executive Luncheons by Invitation Only


Fireside Chat:

Global Investors are Snapping up Chinese Bonds of all Risk Profiles in a Sign that Investors are Increasingly more Willing to Take Bigger Bets 

  • What has changed in the perception of risk and China’s business climate that makes this market attractive?

  • How liquid is the market?

  • Who are the market makers?

  • Who are the sources for CNY Fixed income pricing?

  • Can we expect to see CNY bonds in an international/EM Fixed income index?

Participation includes top Fixed Income players like PIMCO, BlackRock, UBS and JPMorgan


Case Study Presentation:

The AI Revolution in Finance: Applying New Systems for Improved Market Data Management

  • What are the latest artificial intelligence capabilities and how to implement them

  • Planning and implementing transformative AI & Cloud projects to resolve complex governance and disparate storage

  • Streamlining processes and automating repetitive tasks to reduce overhead costs of old systems and focus on higher value added activities

  • How machine learning can help measure data quality and use of granular details to link correlated data together

Medhy Souidi, Head of Fintech & Startup Xchange, DBS BANK


Interactive Fireside Chat:

The Benefits of AI and Analytics to Improve Business Operational Efficiency

  • Analytics for improved decision making: case studies and practical advice to enhance your big data and analytics strategy

  • Driving further advancements into the data agenda – The current innovations, business culture, and process trends

  • How is the proliferation of alternative and unstructured data impacting financial institutions

  • How will financial regulations affect the future of AI and innovation for capital markets?

Elvie Lahournère, Digital and Innovation Director - APAC, NATIXIS BANK
Medhy Souidi, Head of Fintech & Startup Xchange, DBS BANK
Kerr Hatrick, Executive Director, MORGAN STANLEY
Huayi Dong, Managing Director, Global Head of Electronic Trading Solutions, DAIWA CAPITAL MARKETS 


Networking Afternoon Break


Case Study Presentation:

How Can Collaboration with Fintech Companies Drive Innovation and Accelerate Change

  • How FinTech start-ups are leading the way in AI, RPA, cloud computing, and DLT to deliver innovation to traditional players

  • Enhancing operational flexibility and optimizing business processes through agile market entrants and reinvented business models

  • How effective in-house innovation labs, accelerator programmes, and venture capital investments have proven to be for enhanced innovation strategy?

  • Determining how to best engage with FinTechs, given the contrasting organization sizes and cultures


Drill Down Discussion Roundtables

You will have an opportunity to join one of the six roundtables – 45 minutes each

1. Data quality and management

Jean Baptiste Gouret, Regional Market Data Lead, CREDIT SUISSE

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
5. ESG data: Integration into mainstream investment
7. Case study for cloud-based market data entitlements and reporting

Stephane Dubois, Chief Executive Officer, XIGNITE

2. Alt-data and unstructured data
4. Vendor management
6. Tools for data management in the cloud
8. The Changing Structures and Complexities in Leadership and Culture

Elvie Lahournère, Digital and Innovation Director - APAC, NATIXIS BANK


Harvest Session:

Each host will share the key takeaways following their roundtable discussion


Drinks Reception


End of the Asia Pacific Financial Information Conference 2019

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