About Us

About Us

About FISD

FISD is a neutral forum that has served the financial information industry for 25 years. Our 200+ global member companies recognize that market data distribution and efficient trade execution require a high level of consistent and predictable service - all of which are dependent on the close cooperation of many independent organizations and systems. Industry stakeholders support FISD as the forum of choice to identify and resolve the business and technical issues that affect the administration, distribution and utilization of market data.

The FISD agenda encompasses the wide range of commercial, technical, and regulatory issues that face the financial information industry. The specfic events, working groups, and activities that FISD offers will change over time in response to member needs and the changing business environment, but key subject areas include:

  • Commercial policies for market and reference data
  • Legal and contractual issues
  • Market data administration - data permissioning, usage, reporting, billing, and auditing
  • Legislative and regulatory developments that affect the creation and usage of financial information
  • Real-time data processing and connectivity
  • Indexes - the creation, distribution, and usage of index information
  • Communications, product management, and usage of index information
  • Data standards and best practices
  • Data management
  • Intellectual property issues and data piracy
  • Human resources, organizational, and professional development

FISD assists its members in a variety of areas including:

  • Serving an industry advocate for standard, transparent, and efficient flow of financial information
  • Supporting its members in dealing with regulatory issues
  • Providing access to education and training opportunities
  • Offering visibility and networking opportunities 

About WatersTechnology

WatersTechnology has, since 1983, provided insight on technology and data that investment banks, exchanges, asset managers and hedge funds use to manage their day-to-day operations.

Coverage spans the whole spectrum of financial technology, from security, data, regulation and compliance, to competitive analysis, organisational and business change. Each of these topics is covered in depth through a global series of events, including summits, awards, briefings, webinars and roundtables.

Financial technology market

The global financial technology industry is a large and rapidly changing market with expenditure in the global financial industry estimated at £130bn, and fintech investments expected to grow at 18% per annum. This fast moving market is characterised by consolidation, new entrants, new products and new technologies.

The use of technology and data underpins every aspect of day-to-day operations in financial institutions, including, for example, compliance around executed trades, cyber-risk threats, and increasing regulatory requirements. Our focus on this market is two-fold:

  • Technology: As disruptive technologies emerge and existing ones evolve, there is a need for capital markets firms to clarity their investments in each. Technology vendors and financial institutions rely on us to inform them about how buy-side and sell-side firms select, buy, and implement technologies and manage the associated risks. We also provide strategic support to vendors on product development and strategy.
  • Data: Market data volumes continue to grow and increase in complexity. Chief data officers need to understand how their peers are managing, structuring and integrating data, improving its quality, and reporting on it. Given the large budgets involved, market and reference data specialists value and rely on the independent analysis and insight we provide through our brands.

Our understanding and coverage of trading technology and data, as well as the broader FinTechmarket supports the business critical information needs of our customers.

Our mission is to provide our customers with relevant and premium financial technology content in one place. More than just a website, waterstechnology.com is a multi-channel business intelligence platform that professionals within financial-market technology will learn to rely on and use as a working tool as the site will be interactive allowing you to comment and engage with other users.
Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data are particularly relevant to the Asia Pacific Financial Information Conference.

Inside Market Data brings breaking news on how sell-side and buy-side firms are using data services to market data industry executives; and Inside Reference Data provides a new level of insight for understanding, identifying and managing reference data to anyone involved in reference data projects at investment banks, brokers, institutions, exchanges and data providers.

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