Numerix is the leading provider of innovative capital markets technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management. Committed to out-of-the box thinking, the exploration and adoption of latest technologies, Numerix is dedicated to driving a more open, fintech oriented, digital financial services market. Built upon a 20+ year analytical foundation of deep practical knowledge, experience and IT understanding, Numerix is uniquely positioned in the financial services ecosystem to help its users reimagine operations, modernize business processes and capture profitability. For more information, please visit www.numerix.com

The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) is a managed service that delivers complete, accurate and timely reference data for use in critical regulatory reporting, trade processing and risk management operations, dramatically simplifying and reducing unnecessary costs for financial institutions.

The RDU acts as a processing agent for its participants selected data sources; sourcing, validating and cross-referencing data using market best practises so that these processes do not need to be duplicated in every financial institution. An experienced global team, who operate under the compliance frameworks of their customers, deliver data that is fit-for-purpose, consistent and in a format that is specific to the financial institutions’ needs.

For more information about the SmartStream RDU visit: www.smartstreamrdu.com.

ChartIQ provides software to help the finance world work smarter. The maker of the industry’s most powerful HTML5 financial charts, ChartIQ also delivers Finsemble, a desktop integration platform that links any financial applications together to create smart, modern desktops. ChartIQ’s solutions are built in current web technology to help firms innovate faster, saving them time and money.

Founded in 2012, ChartIQ is a fast-growing firm based in Charlottesville, VA with offices in New York and London. Some of the largest financial institutions are among ChartIQ’s 300 global customers. For more information, please visit: https://www.chartiq.com."

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UnaVista is an award-winning technology platform from the London Stock Exchange Group. UnaVista helps firms to reduce operational and regulatory risk through a range regulatory reporting, reference data and analytics solutions.

As a regulated platform UnaVista helps thousands of firms meet their compliance obligations, reporting more than 8 billion transactions for global regulations including EMIR, MiFID II across all asset classes. UnaVista is in the process of becoming an approved trade repository for SFTR, and helping firms prepare their data and processes with a range of technology and educational led products.

Following the fulfilment of their transaction reporting obligations, UnaVista helps firms make more from their data, with advanced analytics to provide peer-to-peer transaction intelligence and surveillance alerts. UnaVista is also the source for a range of unique global identifiers such as SEDOL and LEI, and offers firms access to new derived alternative data.



DataArt is a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions. Recognized for their deep domain expertise and superior technical talent, our teams create new products, modernize complex legacy systems, and enable vital technology capabilities that create sustained competitive advantage for our clients and drive their success in the marketplace.

We work across all areas of financial services and capital markets with clients that include banks, exchanges, hedge funds, market data providers, ratings agencies, market utilities, insurance companies, fintech, and inter-dealer brokers.

DataArt’s sole mission and passion is to help clients succeed through technology, so we treat clients’ challenges, priorities, budgets, outcomes and customers as if they were our own. We only win if our clients win.

Our background is in bespoke systems development. We work across the entire lifecycle, from reviewing business and IT strategies, advising on problems and opportunities, and building or helping to implement new systems, to re-engineering existing systems. We manage whole project implementations for our clients, with much of the technical work done in one of our 20 offices around the world.

The secret sauce at DataArt is the quality of our more than 2700 consultants and engineers and the solutions they build. Our systems are intuitive, customer-centric, easy to support, flexible, and have the lowest TCO possible. Our solutions work and keep on working; they don’t need to be fixed every day. They don’t shackle the business, but instead power it and give it agility. This devotion to software craftsmanship and quality is why we work here, and why 95% of our clients return to us.

We understand the demanding nature of the industry better than most, and are highly mindful of requirements for confidentiality, security, regulatory compliance, transparency, reporting, risk management, availability, scalability, ease of maintenance, and cost effectiveness.

Established by the Financial Stability Board in June 2014, the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is a not-for-profit organization created to support the implementation and use of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). GLEIF is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. GLEIF services ensure the operational integrity of the Global LEI System. GLEIF also makes available the technical infrastructure to provide, via an open data license, access to the full global LEI repository free of charge to users. GLEIF is overseen by the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee, which is made up of representatives of public authorities from across the globe.