SmartStream x WatersTechnology FEMS roundtable

In-person roundtable in Hong Kong

In this in-person roundtable hosted by Asia RiskWatersTechnology and SmartStream, we aim to delve into the ongoing issue of fee transparency in the capital sector:

  • What strategies can firm adopt to identify daily variable costs that significantly impact their financial performance and profitability?
  • What are the key challenges in managing fees and expenses?
  • Which specific cost management tools can be leveraged to streamline processes and heighten efficiency?
  • How are transformations in the equities and fixed income markets affecting BC&E fees?
  • How will the fees landscape evolve over the next 3-5 years?

In today’s highly scrutinized financial landscape, capital markets firms find themselves under an immense pressure to elevate their level of transparency. This demand is heightened when it comes to the market facing fees, they incur, and one of the critical challenges that financial institutions face is managing fees and expenses, particularly the complex Brokerage, Clearing, and Exchange (BC&E) fees. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of transaction fees enables firms to make informed decisions and allocate resources efficiently, ultimately driving operational effectiveness.

Who should attend?

Senior level professionals within departments including:

  • Technology and operations

  • Data

  • Finance/treasury

  • Innovation/change management

  • Clearing and expense management

  • Project management

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