2017 Agenda


8.30 Registration and breakfast

9.00 Welcome remarks: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERS and WATERSTECHNOLOGY

9.05 Morning Keynote Presentation: To be announced

9.35 Clevel roundtable: Technology and trading, a view from the top

As the markets have become increasingly complex and volatile-all in the face of new regulatory demands-heads of technology are having to blend innovative new tools with legacy platforms and processes. This round table of C-level executives will look at how they're addressing these demands as they guide their firms forward.

  • What is the biggest IT project you're undertaking for 2017?
  • Which regulations have proven to be the most time consuming? How have regulations such as FRTB and MiFID II impacted your IT budgets?
  • How are you leveraging ‘regtech' to ease the regulatory burden?
  • Looking at innovative technologies, where do you see the most potential: blockchain, machine learning, big data analytics, or something else?

10.20 Presentation slot: Open for sponsorship

10.35 Morning break and knowledge café

Grab a coffee and join a table of your choice in the exhibition area to share ideas and network with fellow industry professionals.

  1. Blockchain and distributed ledgers
  2. Incubators
  3. AI, machine learning and analytics
  4. Cyber security
  5. MiFID II




Chairman's opening remarks:

Chairman's opening remarks


Panel: The rise of intelligent machines - leveraging analytic capabilities and big data to improve trading decisions

  • Examining the latest developments in machine learning
  • Applying AI to assist with processing large data - can human monitoring ever compete?
  • Harnessing big data analytics specifically for front-office trading systems - what are the key drivers?
  • What's next? Delivering a service that gets the right balance between machine and human
  • Will the latest surge of AI applications in the financial services fall short or will they truly transform the industry?


Panel: Innovating your IT infrastructure - keeping up with technological innovation

  • Best practices for moving away from a legacy infrastructure and towards a redesigned or entirely new architecture
  • How can you structure your firm's architecture to support future innovation and changes in technology?
  • What impact is the regulation Systems Compliance and Integrity (SCI) having on your infrastructure?
  • Addressing the benefits of API infrastructure - creating a more agile architecture to readily support new technology and business models
  • Build versus buy - what drives the decision, and how can you best manage a combination of both?
  • Addressing how the rise of fintech firms have changed the way in which you are approaching IT infrastructure innovation


Panel: The HFT debate: Addressing the current landscape

  • What does the new HFT look like?
  • Rigged markets: Examining how have things changed since Flash Boys was published over two years ago
  • What regulations are most challenging to HFT?
  • Which regions are most ripe for HFT expansion?
  • Microwave technology, intelligent algorithms and fiber optics: what technology are you investing in to achieve ultra-low latency?

Panel: Responding to cyber risk - safeguarding your infrastructure and putting cyber security at the top of your agenda

  • Getting ahead of cybercrime - what are the evolving threats and how can you prepare and protect your firm?
  • Knowledge is power: How can security personnel work better together to share (and gain) information and insights without risking their firm's integrity?
  • What measures are you putting into place to protect your infrastructure and which of these measures are voluntary/ obligatory?
  • As smart devices continue to develop, does IoT pose as one of the biggest cyber threats? How are you responding to this from an architectural standpoint?
  • Addressing regulators role in helping the financial services sector to implement stronger security measures


12.45 Lunch break


Learning workshop: Addressing how programming languages (such as JULIA, R, Matlab and Pyth), can give you a competitive advantage with regards to trading

Learning workshop: Addressing the challenges around adopting an Agile development framework in a mature organization


Panel: Addressing the key considerations around incubators and partnering with fintech firms

This panel will examine what is coming out of incubators; new techniques in machine learning, new blockchain usages, new big data analytics platforms, new research tool. What will the future innovative technologies look like?

  • Are you partnering with, or setting up your own fintech incubators? If so, what results have you seen so far?
  • What areas are you focusing on and which firms are you investing in and why?
  • Examining how incubators can allow banks to tap into the fintech market
  • The fintech revolution- examining what the rise of fintech really means for banking

Panel: Data protection in the cloud: Simple and scalable... but is it secure?


  • Private v public cloud: Understanding the business risks and requirements
  • Evaluating which business functions or applications are suitable to move into the cloud - what are the next steps regarding efficiency, access and security with regards to cloud technology?
  • Are data privacy legislations keeping up with the speed of technology progress?
  • Implementing encryption best practices: how are you using encryption in the cloud and what are the advantages of using an encrypted cloud service?
  • Controlling identity and access management

Presentation slot: Available for sponsorship

Presentation slot: Available for sponsorship

3.20 Afternoon Break

3.35 Afternoon Keynote Presentation: To be announced

4.20 Champagne roundtables: Bring your questions and leave with your answers!

Join a roundtable to take part in an informal discussion on your preferred topic over a glass of Champagne

1. Blockchain and distributed ledgers
2. Incubators
3. AI, machine learning and analytics
4. Cyber security

5.15 Chairperson's closing remarks

5.20 Cocktail Reception

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