North American Trading Architecture Summit

This Summit brings together over 350 senior trading and enterprise infrastructure executives from the biggest financial organizations across North America to discuss the most urgent business, operational and technological challenges that are driving the financial IT industry.

As the markets have become increasingly complex and volatile, technologists and traders are having to blend innovative new tools with legacy platforms and processes, all in the face of new regulatory demands. Attending the event will provide you with a unique opportunity to acquire constructive advice and tips that will help you to grow the profitability of your business and stay ahead of competition.

Highlights from the 2017 included:

  • A c-level panel discussion on RegTech, MiFID II and IT budgets for 2017
  • A workshop focussed on how programming languages (such as JULIA, R, Matlab and Pyth) can give you a competitive advantage with regards to trading
  • A case study around adopting an agile development framework in a mature organization
  • New panel discussions on: Liquidity Seeking Algorithms (LSAs), incubators and partnering with fintech firms, data protection and infrastructure and API