All market participants, whatever their role, interest or size, are impacted by regulation, and MiFID II is currently at the forefront of the tidal wave. The aim of the event is to offer crucial guidance for making the right strategic and operational choices to turn the regulatory burden into opportunity while offering unrivalled networking opportunities and interactive discussion.

08.15: Registration and breakfast

08.45: Introduction from Victor Anderson, Editor of Waters and WatersTechnology

Slido Poll 1: Did the postponement of MiFID II to January 2018 delay, stop or kick-start your firm's implementation program?

• Delay
• Stop
• Kickstart

Slido Poll 2: which of the following is the biggest focus area for your firm?

• RTS 2 Trade Reporting
• RTS 22 Transaction Reporting - Investment Firms
• RTS 23 Transaction Reporting - Trading Venues
• RTS 24 Order Book data

08.50: Opening Address: Senior Representative, SIX FINANCIAL INFORMATION

09.10: Regulatory Keynote: Stephen Hanks, Manger, Markets Policy, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

09.35: Buy Side Keynote: Speaker TBA

09.55: Insight Presentation: Meredith Gibson
, Director, Meredith Gibson Advisory

"Transaction reporting and problems of RTO for units in collective investment schemes"

10.15: Coffee break and opportunity to network

10.35: Presentation: Peter Moss
, CEO, The SmartStream Reference Data Utility

"MiFID II - Building on stable foundations"

10.50: Industry insights keynote panel discussion followed by open floor Q&A: MiFID II - One year to go: What you need to know

Join us for this invaluable industry insight discussion between the end user and vendor community to delve into the concerns around the looming MiFID II deadline and the challenges around implementation and reporting requirements. Industry experts will shed light on adapting regulatory strategy and managing complex projects while assessing new technology options and streamlining data management efforts.

Topics to be discussed include (but are by no means limited to):

• RTS 2 Trade Reporting
• RTS 22 Transaction Reporting - Investment Firms
• RTS 23 Transaction Reporting - Trading Venues
• RTS 24 Order Book data
• The cross-over of data between the above (e.g. Venn diagrams) and other key areas such as LEI, derivatives ISIN & the associated challenges

Breakdown of topics:

Trade/transaction reporting

• Transaction reporting requirements and how they are supported by Approved Reporting Mechanisms (ARMs) (RTS 22 and 23)
• Order Book requirements (RTS 24)
• Trade publication requirements and how they are supported using Approved Publication Arrangements (APA)

Data for transaction reporting

• Instrument data: availability and coverage and cross-over with other regulations
• LEI: Supply via Local operating units and Data Vendors; managing data gaps and cross-over with other regulations

• ISIN for OTC Derivatives: the knowns, the not known yets, what do we know?

Speakers: Chris Johnson
, Senior Product Manager, Market Data Services, HSBC
Chad Giussani
, Head of Transaction Reporting Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank
Ayaz Haji, Head of MiFID II Technical Architecture and Data Strategy, Goldman Sachs
Olivier Rose, Head of Projects and International Data Management Production, Societe Generale
Meredith Gibson, Director, Meredith Gibson Advisory
Martin Ward, Executive Director, Head of Operations Control, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities

11.40: Presentation: Tradeweb, Title to be announced

11.55: Industry Expert Keynote Presentation: Beate Born, Global MiFID II project lead, UBS

12.15: Closing Presentation slot: speaker TBC

12:30: Closing Remarks: Victor Anderson, Editor of Waters and WatersTechnology

12.35: Complimentary lunch and networking for all attendees

During the lunch you can choose to sit at one of the following networking and discussion tables:

1. Transaction reporting
2. Client repapering
3. Product governance
4. Record keeping

1.30: End of event


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