Program 2016

8:15 Registration and Breakfast

8:50 Welcome remarks: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERS & WATERS TECHNOLOGY

9:00 Keynote address: Anthony Johnson, Managing Director, JP MORGAN CHASE

9.25 Assessing the current trading environment in Chicago: monitoring and evaluating trading in a heavily regulated environment 

  • Defining the indefinable- when it comes to good behaviour, who decides where to draw the line?
  • How can firms ensure that they stay above board with the legalities surrounding spoofing? Is the decision heavily weighed on intent, or is there a better way in deciphering good behaviour?
  • Machine Learning in algorithmic trades- can self-learning algorithms walk into spoofing improprieties?
  • Why are there so many inconsistencies between exchanges, and what compliance strategy does your firm go through in deciding which set of rules to follow?
  • Is there any technology that can help firms detect bad behaviour at the earliest opportunity and how could this be detrimental to legitimate trading decisions?

    Moderator: Steven E Wollack, Attorney and Former Director of CME Group
    Mike Disbrow, Director, BMO CAPITAL MARKETS
    Michael Agne, Managing Director, AGNE ASSET MANAGEMENT
    Mike Schmitt, Risk Specialist, SPOT TRADING LLC

10:10 The impact of data on trading- how can data help you in your investment decision making process?

  • What data analytics tools can help you in your investment decision making process? Have program trading models given you a significant advantage?
  • What technology tools are available for your data quality needs?
  • How does data quality impact trading?
  • The use of unstructured data to aid trading decisions- how is your firm using large data sets to maximise your competitive advantage?
  • Is variety more important than velocity (the timeliness of data delivery)?
  • Starting from the bottom up- how has your firm responded to the need for greater governance surrounding data? How has BCBS239 impacted your data strategy?

    Moderator: Charles Fiori, Instructor, NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINANCE
    Ranjana Young, Chief Data Officer, NORTHERN TRUST
    Benny Tjahjono, VP and Senior Quantitative Analyst, FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK OF CHICAGO
    Chris Petrescu, Director of Data Strategy, WORLDQUANT
    James Cantarella, Head of Machine Readable News, THOMSON REUTERS
    Louis Lovas, Director of Solutions, ONEMARKETDATA

10:55 Morning break and opportunity to network

11:15- C Level Panel: Technology & Trading

  • What are the industry wide issues facing the technology department of today?
  • How is your infrastructure changing over the next few years- to what extent are you allocating budget to update your systems?
  • Risk vs Reward- is innovation and finding new solutions a priority for your firm?
  • Who is responsible in your firm for implementing the most cutting-edge technologies and what processes take place before such a choice?
  • Which new technologies do you see as significantly impacting the financial industry?
  • Building a technology culture in a financial firm- how do you ensure that you secure the best candidates for the job, and what steps have you taken to create an effective working environment?
  • Updating legacy systems- what are the business and operational benefits accruing to firms able to update or replace legacy technologies?

         Moderator: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERS & WATERSTECHNOLOGY
         Keith Lubell, Chief Technology Officer, BERKERY NOYES
         Ram G Gandikota, Senior Portfolio Manager, ATIVO CAPITAL
         Corbin E Kidd, Chief Technology Officer, DV TRADING LLC
         Alexander Fleiss, Chief Executive Officer, REBELLION RESEARCH

12:00 Harnessing Blockchain to transform your trading strategies

  • What is blockchain, and what can blockchain do for your firm?
  • How can blockchain increase the efficiency of trading and settlements?
  • Implementing blockchain- what are the practical challenges that firms face in adopting this forward thinking technology?
  • Blockchain works by digitally 'signing' and time-stamping assets- is blockchain the answer to regulatory concerns or does it pose threats of its own?
  • What direct impact does blockchain have on traders, and will the adoption of blockchain result in the abolition of ‘middle men'?

    Moderator: Alexander Fleiss, Chief Executive Officer, REBELLION RESEARCH
    Rajeev Ranjan, Policy Advisor, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF CHICAGO
    Chris Carlson, Chief Operating Officer- Asset Management, NORTHERN TRUST
    Professor Lin William Cong, Professor of Finance, CHICAGO UNIVERSITY

12:45 Lunch break and opportunity to network

13:30 Keynote presentation: Blair Hull, Founder of Ketchum Trading and Hull Investments

13:55 Machine Learning- does the risk outweigh the reward?

  • Machine learning isn't a new concept- why are some firms only just beginning to take note?
  • Incorporating machine learning into capital markets- what options are available for firms to tap in to the potential? What vendors can offer security as well as intelligent systems?
  • Machine learning increases efficiency, but to what extent does a self-learning algorithm increase risk?
  • Eliminating the emotional angle of decision processes- is machine learning the answer to success?
  • The argument for supervised vs unsupervised learning techniques in machine learning- does the latter cut the trader out completely?
  • What type of data infrastructure do firms need to have in place before investing in machine learning?

        Moderator: Charles Fiori, Instructor, NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINANCE
        Cris Doloc, Adjunct Lecturer in Computational Finance, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO
        Alexander Fleiss, Chief Executive Officer, REBELLION RESEARCH

        Barry Smith, Managing Director- Global Capital Markets, EQUINIX

14:40 Afternoon break and opportunity to network

15:10 Keynote address: Petal Walker, Chief Counsel, US COMMODITIES AND FUTURES COMMISSION

15:35 Preparing for change: What will the 2017 regulations mean for the markets?

  • The implementation of CFTC's new Algorithmic Trading regulation will mean a great deal of changes for firms nationwide. What do you think is the first step in implementing these new regulations?
  • The risk controls surrounding the new regulations will require a complete overhaul of processes for some firms- how can firms adopt these new practices without losing crucial time?
  • What impact will the Nasdaq-ISE merger have on the financial markets? Should regulators have an integral part in this huge acquisition and its aftermath?
  • Has the delay in MiFID II halted your firm's preparations, or will it continue to be your main priority over the forthcoming months?
  • Do you envision that your trading patterns will change in any way as a result of MiFID II?

    Moderator: Bill Harts, Chief Executive Officer, MODERN MARKETS INITIATIVE
    John Mcpartland, Senior Policy Advisor, FEDERAL BANK OF CHICAGO

16:20 Champagne Roundtables

Table 1: AI/Machine Learning
Table 2: Regulation AT
Table 3: Data & Outsourcing
Table 4: The Culture of Compliance
Table 5: Technology Innovation - Hosted by Barry Smith
, Managing Director- Global Capital Markets, EQUINIX

17:00 Closing Remarks: Anthony Malakian, US Editor, WATERS & WATERS TECHNOLOGY

17:05 Cocktail reception and opportunity to network




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