Welcome to the Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit 2014

Thank you for all those who have attended the Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit, which was held 25 June 2014 at The Grand Hyatt Singapore.

We greatly appreciated your attendance and hope you have found value in being part of the event.

Presentation slides are now available for download - please click here

We hope that the conference proved to be an insightful, enjoyable and memorable experience and look forward to welcoming you to our events in the future.

If you would like to be notified of next year's conference please fill in the remind me form.

Our conference this year has attracted senior trading technologists from the region to discuss the following topics:

  • "Doing more with less": gaining competitive edge by integrating IT into your corporate strategy
  • Next-generation trading technologies: smart algorithms, machine learning, and more automation 
  • Developing infrastructure that is responsive to ever-changing business, market and product needs
  • Managing your data to improve trading decisions and minimize risk
  • Uncovering new revenue models using emerging technologies
  • Next steps towards generating growth amid a highly-regulated environment


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